Forest Hill Flyer

The Forest Hill Flyer is the newsletter of the Forest Hill Neighborhood Association, which releases in the spring and fall. Written, designed, produced, and delivered by volunteers, it reaches every home in the Forest Hill neighborhood with updates on social and charity events, city and park news, new commercial development, and even neighbor profiles and celebrity pets.

More than 800 copies of the Flyer are hand-delivered each issue (Thank you, delivery folks!). In addition, extra copies are printed and delivered to neighborhood sites and events throughout the year.

You can access past Flyers by clicking the links below. We are always excited to hear from neighbors. If you have ideas for articles to publish, people you would like to see profiled, or information you would like to pass along, please submit them to

Our Forest Hill Flyer team is Andrew Beckman, editor; Riley D. Champine, production and design; and Janet Smith, ad manager; John Murden, distribution.

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