Infrastructure Walk- October

Event Date: 10/20/18 at 10:00 am Location: 44th and Reedy Ave

Ever see a broken sidewalk or pothole while out walking in the area? Probably the first thought most people have is “The city should really fix that”. Well, the city wants to make these fixes but sometimes doesn’t know what needs to be fixed or where.

The neighborhood association is organizing walks to help the city help us. The idea of these walks is to get out in Forest Hill and walk around logging issues and then reporting them back to the city in an organized manner through Having a comprehensive list of issues in the area will make it easier for the city to efficiently direct resources to our area to resolve them.

The third of four walks will cover the eastern half of Forest Hill Terrace. We’ll meet at the corner of Reedy and Taylor Ave (by the picnic bench) have a briefing about what we are looking for, then break up into pairs and head out.

Thanks for helping to improve our neighborhood and city!

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